My primary research focus is the plasma membrane organization of B cells and understanding how this controls intracellular signaling. We recently discovered that the humoral immune response is dependent on tetraspanin proteins on B cells, and that tetraspanin microdomains act as novel signaling hotspots in the plasma membrane of B cells. The clinical relevance is shown by our discovery that absence of tetraspanin CD37 leads to spontaneous formation of B cell lymphoma, and predicts clinical outcome in lymphoma patients.
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Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, The Netherlands


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Lotte de Winde: Tetraspanin CD37 in cell migration and lymphomagenesis. From molecular hypothesis to clinical implications. Awarded: 2017

Malou Zuidscherwoude: Function of Tetraspanin CD53 in antigen-presenting cells. Awarded: 2016

Jiabo Di: Eradicating ovarian cancer stem cells in an immunosuppressive tumour microenvironment. Awarded: 2013

Sven Petersen: The role of Tetraspanin CD63 in antigen presentation via MHC class II. Awarded: 2011 (Birmingham University, UK)

Kate Gartlan: The immunological roles of the Tetraspanins CD37 and TSSC6. Awarded: 2008 (University of Melbourne, Australia)

Current PhD projects

Vera Dunlock: Membrane-proximal PKC signaling in B cells.

Suraya Elfrink: Mechanisms underlying CD37-deficiency in diffuse large B cell lymphoma.

Abbey Arp: Tetraspanins proteins and CD20 in B cell lymphoma.

Rens Peeters: Metabolic signaling in B cells.