Jon Laman

The B-cell work is part of a longstanding research line on multiple sclerosis (MS) and its animal EAE model in mice as well as in non-human primates (Prof. Bert A. ‘t Hart). In collaborations, we address interrelated topics relevant to B cells:

  • Costimulatory and coinhibitory pathways affecting B-cell responses, e.g. CD40 and VISTA
  • Drainage pathways of brain antigens to cervical and lumber lymph nodes driving B-cell responses
  • Functionality of B-cell subsets in MS/EAE, for instance by use of novel immunotherapeutics to deplete B cells directly (anti-CD20) or take away trophic support.
  • Mechanisms by which EBV and its marmoset counterpart CalHV3 contribute to the MS/EAE disease process.


Department of Neuroscience, University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, The Netherlands


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Jordon Dunham: Translational multiple sclerosis research in primates: mind the gap. Awarded: 2017

Karim K. Kreft: Functional immunogenetics of MS. Awarded: 2014

Anwar Jagessar: Mechanistic refinement of the common marmoset model for multiple sclerosis. Awarded: 2012

Yolanda S. Kap: A primate view on multiple sclerosis. Awarded: 2010

Current PhD projects

Malte Borggrewe: The negative checkpoint regulator VISTA as an immunotherapeutic target in multiple sclerosis