Arnon Kater

Arnon P. Kater, MD PhD, is leader of the theme ‘Tumor Immunology’ of the Cancer Center Amsterdam and professor of Translational Hematology. He is a group leader/principal investigator within the Lymphoma and Myeloma Center Amsterdam (LYMMCARE). He is deputy head of the department of hematology of the AMC and heads the hematology fellow program. He is the chairman of the Dutch/Belgian HOVON CLL working group. Arnon Kater studied medicine and obtained his PhD and his specialty in Internal Medicine and Clinical Hematology at the AMC and worked as a research fellow at the Moors Cancer Center, University of California San Diego, USA. His research group focus on (immune)biology and treatment of B-cell malignancies with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) as main disease serving as a B-cell malignancy model. Last years, together with molecular biologist Eric Eldering, Arnon Kater set up a research group that performs both pre-clinical and clinical studies. These efforts have positioned the research group as the foremost clinical and translational CLL Center in the Netherlands.


Department of Hematology, Lymphoma and Myeloma Center, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam-Zuidoost, The Netherlands


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