Marcel Jonkman

Autoimmune bullous diseases (AIBD) comprise a group of mucocutaneous autoimmune disorders with antigen targets on keratinocytes (pemphigus) or in the epidermal basement membrane zone (EBMZ; pemphigoid diseases). Pemphigus is caused by autoantibodies against either desmoglein 1 and 3, which are transmembrane adhesion molecules with particular function in desmosome contacts between keratinocytes of skin and mucous membranes. The disease is a typical organ-specific autoimmune disease with defined autoantigens to which even Ig-Fab fragments are sufficient to cause disease without the need of additional inflammatory components. Pemphigoid diseases are an AIBD group with subepidermal blistering of which bullous pemphigoid is the most prevalent that starts especially in elderly.
The overarching objectives of our research are to improve clinical and laboratory diagnosis. We have revealed the common existence of nonbullous pemphigoid in nursing homes, delineated the minimal requirements for optimal serologic testing of pemphigoid, and created new serological assays for autoantibody detection in AIBD.
Moreover we examine treatments with new drugs. In the Center for Blistering Diseases we have treated with success large cohorts with anti-CD20 antibodies.
Based on advanced knowledge on B cell pathogenicity in pemphigus, we aim to find more personalized treatments using a strategy of antibody-specific B-cell elimination.


Dept of Dermatology, Center for Blistering Diseases, University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, The Netherlands


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Current PhD projects

Joost Meijer: Bullous pemphigoid

Aniek Lamberts: Non-bullous pemphigoid

Federica Giurdanella: Pemphigus