Reina Mebius

Stromal cells are crucially involved in the formation of lymph nodes. Once these structures are formed, lymph node stromal cells differentiate into the different stromal cell subsets, which are critical for organizing specialized microenvironments within lymph nodes, allowing efficient B-T-cell interactions. We are focusing on the diverse role of stromal cells in controlling the adaptive immune response and the molecular and cellular requirements for performing these functions. This micro environmental control does not only take place within the lymph nodes but also at sites of inflammation and tumor development and is also subject to further study.


Dept. Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology, VUmc, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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Gera Goverse: Environmental control of the mucosal immune system. Awarded: 2015

Antonio Baptista : Lymphoid tissue from ontogeny to function. Awarded: 2013

Jasper Koning: Mesenchymal stem cells in lymph node development and disease. Awarded: 2013

Current PhD projects

Reza Nadafi: The immunomodulatory effect of lymph node stromal cells in rheumatic disease.

Martje Erkelens: Visualization of vitamin A metabolism.

Amelie Bos: Immunoglobulin A generation and function in chronic mucosal inflammation.