Ronald van Vollenhoven

Professor Ronald van Vollenhoven’s research interests focus around the development and systematic evaluation of biological and immunomodulatory treatments for the rheumatic diseases, including B-cell targeting therapies. He has been principal or co-investigator in many clinical trials of novel therapies in rheumatic diseases, including B-cell directed therapies such as rituximab, belimumab, atacicept, tabalumab and epratuzumab. With his co-workers he has designed and carried out investigator-initiated trials (including SWEFOT, ADMIRE, DOSERA, and NORD-STAR), and (co-)developed registries for further “real-world” evaluation of biologicals (STURE, CERERRA, IRBIS), supporting research projects relating to clinical efficacy, pharmacology, outcomes and pharmacoeconomics.


Amsterdam Rheumatology and immunology Center ARC, AMC, Reade, VUMC, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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