Rudi Hendriks

My research focuses on the molecular biology of the developmental and functional program of lymphocytes. The aims comprise characterization of signal transduction pathways, lymphoid-specific transcription factors and epigenetic regulation that implement cellular survival, differentiation and proliferation at specific checkpoints. A main line of research is the identification of the function of Bruton’s tyrosine kinase (Btk), which is involved in various signalling pathways in B cells, including the B cell antigen receptor. We particularly study aberrant Btk activation and effects of BTK inhibition in mature B cells in systemic autoimmune disease, interstitial lung disease and leukemia in human and animal models.


Department of Pulmonary Medicine, Erasmus MC Rotterdam, The Netherlands


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Claudia Ribeiro de Almeida: CTCF: A Crucial Regulator of Gene Expression in Lymphocytes. Awarded: 2010

Van Ta: Role of Pre-B Cell Receptor Signaling Molecules in B Cell Differentiation and Tumor Suppression. Awarded: 2010

Laurens Kil: Btk in Autoimmunity and leukemia: too much of a good thing? Awarded: 2013

Current PhD projects

Jasper Rip: BTK signaling in systemic autoimmunity and B cell malignancies

Simar Pal Singh: B cell receptor signaling in chronic lymphocytic leukemia