Taco Kuijpers

The research group of Taco Kuijpers has a history in research with a special interest in immunodeficiencies focusing on innate immunity and B cell development as well as inflammation.
The clinical team at the AMC is Center of Expertise for primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs), primary bone marrow failures and autoinflammatory disease (including pediatric vasculitis, Kawasaki disease,  rheumatic diseases), and linked as such to various patient organizations.
Key interests of his group are unravelling the clinical and pathophysiological aspects of different forms of immune disorders. The research is focused on (pre)clinical and translational science, aiming to develop and discover forms of diagnostics and drug targets, understanding the pathophysiology of known and unknown gene defects, and the potential of screening drug efficacy using in vitro models in a high-throughput way, investigating the etiology of immunological failures and testing new therapeutics for application in-vivo.


Department of Pediatrics, Academic Medical Center (AMC), Amsterdam
& Department of Blood Cell Research, Sanquin, Amsterdam


Tuijnenburg P, Lango Allen H, Burns SO, Greene D, Jansen MH, Staples E, Stephens J, Carss KJ, Biasci D, Baxendale H, et.al. (on behalf of the NIHR BioResource – Rare Diseases Consortium study group.) Whole-Genome Sequencing identifies NFKB1 haploinsufficiency as the commonest known monogenic cause of Common Variable Immunodeficiency. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2018. (in press)

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Sanne Dietz: Connecting the dots in Kawasaki Disease. Awarded: 2017

Sietse Nagelkerke: A field guide to Fc gamma receptors. Awarded: 2017

Roel Gazendam (cum laude): Neutrophil microbial killing mechanisms. Awarded: 2016

Daan aan de Kerk: B Cells Grow Up: Studies of B Cell Activation, Profileration and Differentiation in Primary Antibody Deficiencies. Awarded: 2016

Carline Tacke: Kawasaki disease: Studies on etiology and treatment. Awarded: 2014

Julian Zarate: The phagocyte inhibitory receptor sirp in the immune system. Awarded: 2014

Joris van der Heijden: Genetic Variation in Human Fc Gamma Receptors: Functional Consequences of Polymorphisms and Copy Number Variation. Awarded: 2014

Current PhD projects

Christine Bruggeman: Functional analysis of IgG glycovariants and IgG receptors.

Paul Tuijnenburg: B cell function and dysregulation in health and disease.