Uli Scherer

Most autoimmune diseases are driven (and potentially initiated) by the presence of pathogenic B and plasma cells as well as their secreted products, autoantibodies. My work centers on the role of human auto-reactive B cells in the pathogenesis of these diseases. We focus on rheumatoid arthritis and the immune response to post-translationally modified proteins as a model, and have a specific interest in the glycosylation of autoantibodies, in particular in the variable domain. My group has developed specific methodology to identify, isolate and characterize human auto-reactive B cells. We use this tool to understand mechanisms underlying the breach of tolerance to auto-antigens, and aim at developing ways for specific therapeutic targeting of pathogenic B cell memory.


Department of Rheumatology, LUMC Leiden, The Netherlands


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Priscilla Kerkman: Identification and characterisation of ACPA-producing B cells in RA. Awarded: 2017

Current PhD projects

Ayla Kempers: The Anti-Citrullinated Protein Antibody immune response and its effector functions in Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hendy Kristyanto: Functional characterization of citrullinated-antigen-specific (memory) B cells and the development of strategies for antigen-specific depletion

Corrie Wortel: Identification and characterisation of auto-reactive B cells in systemic auto-immune diseases

Rochelle Vergroesen: The B cell receptor repertoire of citrullinated antigen-directed B cells in RA