Date: 2-5 September 2018
Venue: Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre
Registration deadline: onsite registration possible

Join the largest Immunology Meeting in Europe. For B cell and antibody topics, many dedidated workshops will be featured and the following specific speakers will present their research in the main program:

Robert Brink, Australia:
Germinal centers under the lens; control of B cell differentiation by antigen and follicular Thelper cells
Andreas Radbruch, Germany:
The maintenance and mobilization of resident immune memory cells (in the humoral immune response)
Theo Rispens, The Netherlands:
Dissecting the specific regulation and kinetics of the IgG4 response
Karin Tarte, France:
Microenvironment in B-cell lymphomas: friend or foe?
Andrea Cerutti, Spain:
Forgotten antibodies of the gut mucosa: IgM and IgA2
Maria Rescigno, Italy:
IgA, microbiota and cancer
Andrew Macpherson, Switzerland:
Antibodies set boundaries limiting microbial metabolite penetration and the resultant mammalian host response
Florian Klein, Germany:
Broadly neutralizing antibodies targeting HIV-1
Peter Openshaw, United Kingdom:
Protective vaccination against respiratory viruses
Antonio Lanzavecchia, Switzerland:
Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies
Bali Pulendran, United States fo America:
Systems Vaccinology: New chances for vaccines against communicable and non-communicable diseases

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